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ASU Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building VII w/ Grimshaw

ISTB 7 will become the future home for unique stakeholders with a wide range of research specialties, including the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), the Institute for Human Origins (IHO), the Global Futures Initiative (GFI) and the School of Sustainability (SoS). The building was designed to maximize resources that could be shared by these groups, such as conference rooms, classrooms and break rooms, while tailoring more programmatically unique spaces to individual need. 

The building’s form is the result of a rigorous design effort to negotiate site and climate conditions unique to this project. The exterior “shell” is calibrated based on the façade's orientation to the sun. The south façade will have smaller, less frequent openings, while the east and west façades exposed to low-angled sun, will provide a greater area of glazing. 

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