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Performing Arts

Today’s performing arts venues cater to flexibility, versatility, and quick turnover from one production to another. Because revenue generation is critical to continued operation, we understand that your performance space needs to respond in kind. We bring our extensive experience of designing multipurpose, simultaneous-use venues to your performing arts project of any scale.

The Ritz Theater Community Arts Center

Performing Arts

CLIENT: Safe Harbors of the Hudson

LOCATION: Newburgh, NY

SIZE: 80,000sf

Charcoal Blue


Proper & O’Leary Engineering

Derive Engineering

One Nature

Jensen Hughes


STATUS: Demolition Phase 1,
The Ritz Stagehouse

SERVICES: Building Assessment, Programming, Visioning, Concept Design, Schematic Design Permitting and Construction Administration


The Ritz vaudeville theater first opened in 1913 with performers unveiling their productions before returning to New York for opening night. Today, a complete reinterpretation of the famed theater is underway. This time, the new arts center will connect with the surrounding community by opening its doors (and windows) to create a transparent experience for the diverse and creative community around it. The building will cater to an array of performance types with independent venues that offer multiple experiences. Located on Safe Harbors Green, a new timber and glass pavilion will be a transparent box constructed of wood and glass inviting the surrounding community inside to experience the performing arts.

Affordable Housing

Our work with non-profit housing groups gives us special insight into affordable housing design and management. We're dedicated to this cause and collaborate with communities to offer comfortable, sustainable homes to those in need.

Single Family

DBA prioritizes close collaboration to create dream homes, integrating sustainable features for comfort and efficiency, blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Cities are simplifying rules to build small detached homes in backyards, offering new living options for renters or family. DBA excels in building these ADUs with recent successful projects.

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