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Community, Arts

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Home & Habitat

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Special Projects

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Community, Arts & Education. Community is important now, more than ever.  Our public buildings vary in size and use. They range in program and in typology, but they all share a common approach to fostering community, gathering, and improving social and professional interaction. 


Whether a restaurant, a classroom, or a theater, we understand how people meet and interact and can provide the perfect space to enhance that experience for all.

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Vassar College

Poughkeepsie NY

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The Ritz Theater

Newburgh NY

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The Brodhead Center for Student Life, Duke University 

Durham NC w Grimshaw Architects

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Home & Habitat. Our homes are especially important to us. They offer us a lifestyle and a way of life. It is an architectural environment that reflects our culture, our beliefs, our climate and the technology we have available to us to build. This place is a true reflection of who we are and how we like to live. It should be well considered.


The Cottage

Pine Plains NY

Pine Plains NY

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The Pavilion 

Indian Lake NY

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The Barn

Islesboro ME

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Special Projects.  Our experience includes the design, fabrication and construction of some extraordinary projects, each of them unique in their own way. Using traditional materials in not-so-traditional ways, we assemble and collaborate with the most innovative and thoughtful engineering teams, worldwide, to provide solutions that others cannot.


The Library

Beacon NY


Innovative Systems


Bird's Nest

Beacon NY