The Ritz Theater

The Ritz Theater

Newburgh, NY


The performing arts run deep in our history and our experiences. The Ritz vaudeville theater first opened in 1913 with Broadway acts showcasing their talents before
returning to New York for opening night. Today, a complete reinterpretation of the famed theater is underway. This time, the new arts center will connect with the surrounding community by opening up its doors (and windows) to create a transparent experience for the diverse and creative community of Newburgh and the surrounding Hudson Valley.

The building will cater to an array of performance types with independent venues that cater to theater, music, special events and circus!  It will be a multipurpose destination that is accessed through a new lobby in the park.  A new timber and glass pavilion will be an open and welcoming structure and invite the surrounding community inside to experience the performing arts.  A key architectural statement that supports the Safe Harbor mission is: “Transforming Lives and Building Community through Housing and the Arts."


New England Home

02 IMG_0583.JPG

New England Home,

Rockport MA

Designed to reflect the local north-eastern coastal vernacular, this discreet home was built in phases so it could meet budget and accommodate the changing lifestyle of the client. 

Nestled in the woods, on a small and challenging site, the building used natural granite found on-site for fireplaces, retaining walls, and patios, as well as found timber for exposed structural beams and columns. Materials and finishes were selected to integrate to the surrounding robust and weather-beaten local environment.


Birds Nest

Birds Nest,

Beacon NY

What started with some discarded lumber on a Saturday afternoon became an exercise in material reuse, structural engineering and considerable construction complexity. Structures of any size can present you with both challenges and rewards. 

All sizes of structure need considerable thought and planning. A small tree house located 15 feet above ground is no exception. Although a challenge to design and build, it became quite a neighborhood success!


Special Projects


Special Projects

Throughout our career, we have also had the opportunity to work with the most unique materials and systems.  We have found success in creating innovative solutions to the most challenging projects. We call these our special projects.

Our experience includes the design, fabrication and construction of some extraordinary projects that are each unique in their own way. Using traditional materials in not-so-traditional ways, we assemble and collaborate with the most innovative and thoughtful engineering teams, worldwide, to provide solutions that others cannot.


The Brodhead Center

The Brodhead Center For Student Life, Duke University, Durham NC with Grimshaw Architects

As part of the reconstruction of the Brodhead Center for Camus Life, the nearly hundred-year-old structure saw its legacy spaces restored to their original architectural significance, while the central core of the building was replaced and reimagined to be a social hub for student life and the communal heart of the historic campus. 

The building included a state-of-the-art dining facility with 14 independent dining environments, each with their own menu and material palette.

The Library

The Library, 

Beacon NY


We designed this detached garage studio convert for a prominent writer who wanted a studio space to write, reflect, and relax.  Using a combination of grainy woods and black metal bracing and lighting, we created a mature, sleek, and understated space that allowed for the simple decoration of books to bring in color as a perfect compliment.  

We hand-picked high-quality plywood boards for the best grain patterns and sanded them to a smooth, satin finish.  The wall-to-wall desk is complimented by a floor-to-ceiling window, providing light and inspiration.  Our choice of track and pendant lighting creates a warm feel within the space, which makes it an optimal environment for creativity. 


Summer Home

01 2017AV27.419_web_2.jpg

Summer Home,

Islesboro ME

On a remote island off the coast of Maine, this structure was designed to be an island oasis for contemplation and thought, to truly disconnect from the stresses of daily life. The natural Maine environment played a large role in the construction techniques and finishes. The building expresses the use of heavy timber. 

The wall construction conceals insulation and utilities between the interior and exterior enclosure, leaving the natural finishes to be exposed without unsightly wiring and conduit. The building is open, light and airy, with mezzanines and lofts stepping back around a series of central gathering spaces. Bedrooms and bathrooms are nested nicely in back to provide privacy when needed.


ASU Science & Tech

01 ASU_street_01_pv_shortened_150_gradie

ASU Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building VII w/ Grimshaw

ISTB 7 will become the future home for unique stakeholders with a wide range of research specialties, including the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), the Institute for Human Origins (IHO), the Global Futures Initiative (GFI) and the School of Sustainability (SoS). The building was designed to maximize resources that could be shared by these groups, such as conference rooms, classrooms and break rooms, while tailoring more programmatically unique spaces to individual need. 

The building’s form is the result of a rigorous design effort to negotiate site and climate conditions unique to this project. The exterior “shell” is calibrated based on the façade's orientation to the sun. The south façade will have smaller, less frequent openings, while the east and west façades exposed to low-angled sun, will provide a greater area of glazing.