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The Ritz Theater
Newburgh NY

The performing arts run deep in our history and our experiences. The Ritz vaudeville theater first opened in 1913 with Broadway acts showcasing their talents before
returning to New York for opening night. Today, a complete reinterpretation of the famed theater is underway. This time, the new arts center will connect with the surrounding community by opening up its doors (and windows) to create a transparent experience for the diverse and creative community of Newburgh and the surrounding Hudson Valley.

The building will cater to an array of performance types with independent venues that cater to theater, music, special events and circus!  It will be a multipurpose destination that is accessed through a new lobby in the park.  A new timber and glass pavilion will be an open and welcoming structure and invite the surrounding community inside to experience the performing arts.  A key architectural statement that supports the Safe Harbor mission is: “Transforming Lives and Building Community through Housing and the Arts."

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