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Vassar College,
Poughkeepsie NY

The Thompson Library is one of the most recognizable buildings on campus and a critical asset to the fundamental principles of Vassar College. As Vassar continues to develop as a preeminent liberal arts college, the building, that has been underutilized in recent history, has a unique opportunity to refocus its purpose and engage academics and student life well into the future. An improved library experience can fundamentally transform key areas of the building by elevating the user experience through improved access, visibility, and use and will create a functional, coherent, and transformative community space that serves Vassar students well into the 21st century.

The planning study aims to provide the college with a thoughtful analysis of existing spaces, a reinterpretation of the existing program, and a practical and creative re-planning of the library’s interior and exterior spaces. The effort will include student engagement, stakeholder, and senior administration workshops to garner support and build consensus for the project. The outcome of the study will result in an informed recommendation for architectural solutions to each location, estimated budget requirements for future construction, and improved opportunities for fundraising and financial support.

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