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Core Values

What We Believe

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We find solutions. Be considerate, weigh the options, solve the problem. A successful architecture is demonstrated through a commitment to research and analysis, an understanding of the need of our clients and careful consideration of the options, all in service of the right solution. We love to explore and find answers.


We know how to make things. We design buildings that work. We understand assembly and how things go together. We understand material, properties, phasing, and construction. We work well with contractors and enjoy the process of construction. We understand the construction industry, code and life safety, and speak the language. It enables us to get things done.


We create value. Through intelligent design, we can solve difficult problems and eliminate additional work and cost over time.  We are lean, responsive, and experienced, and can bring you solutions that others cannot. We can design and expedite a solution that will bring value, as well as save time and expense in the long term.


We believe in the natural environment. Our work is often born from an existing material or building. It is built with recycled material, it is repurposed, and it minimizes the use of new and energy-dependent resources. It is reimagined and remade with new purpose. It is inherent in our approach to design and construction that our work improves the way people live and work and contributes to, but doesn’t detract from, the proliferation of the natural environment.


We believe in equity and inclusion. We believe in all people and that everyone should have access to the same opportunities to have a better, more equitable life. We believe that Black Lives Matter and acknowledge that there is more work to be done to create equality among us. We strive to include all peoples in our daily work so everyone can benefit and thrive. We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance at opportunity and we strive to provide that for those with whom we work.

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Healthy life, happy life. Our work demands a lot from our minds and our bodies, and it takes dedication and determination to succeed in a complex world.  We promote health and wellness in our studio and in our private lives.  Time to look around, eat well, and exercise will enhance the work we do, make us better architects and designers and will allow us to enjoy the intensities and hard work that our industry requires of us. 

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