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Our experienced team of architects work with developers, commercial tenants, affordable housing organizations, and the construction industry to design and develop large-scale sustainable housing developments. We design healthy buildings that promote green building practices, maximize public and private open spaces, and specify low-energy mechanical systems to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and the development’s overall carbon footprint. DBA provides design leadership during all project phases and can navigate challenging municipal requirements to help keep your projects on time and on budget.


TYPOLOGY: HOME AND HABITAT/Multi-family Mixed Use Housing Development


Client: West Dev LLC


Location: New Paltz, New York


Size: 124 Unit, Mixed-Use Housing Development


Cuddy Feder LLP

Hudson Land Design Eng PC

Crighton Manning Eng LLP


Status: Planning Board Application review and approval


Services: Design, Zoning Board Approval, Planning Board Approval


Description: The Catskill is a 124-unit multifamily mixed-use housing development located at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. It will include retail environments, co-working, and event spaces. This development will utilize sustainable technologies, green infrastructure, and public open space. The luxury concept provides a smart landscape by using native plantings, no irrigation, and leverages on-site stormwater management systems, such as bio-swales—stormwater planters that maximize infiltration and minimize runoff. The building promotes “complete street” practices that create mobility for all users including pedestrians, bikers, and public transportation access. The Catskill will be a health and wellness destination for residents and visitors alike.

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