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We work throughout all phases of architectural design. Our services include:

Needs Assessment

 We provide building needs assessments and surveys for both old and new structures that identify architectural, mechanical, and structural deficiencies to help you understand what’s needed before you start your renovation or redesign.

Zoning Analysis

We provide zoning analysis at the start of your project so you know what can and can’t be built on your site. Use, height restrictions, setbacks, and bulk requirements are all critical to understanding how large your building can be and what your municipality will accept.

Master Planning

We look at your greenfield site, existing campus, or collection of buildings to help you plan for the future.  Providing a comprehensive inventory of all your assets including building’s, landscape, and equipment, DBA will make sense of what you have, what you need for growth, and provide a long-term architectural vision for your business or institution.

Space Planning

We identify space and area requirements for your building so we can plan and program the ideal space that will optimize your next project.

Concept Design and Visioning

We provide conceptual design alternatives for your review and consideration so you can make sound decisions and invest in the right solution. Our team will build three-dimensional models and artistically render your project so you can visualize what it will look like.

Municipal Approvals and Permitting

We have extensive experience working with planning boards and building inspectors. We understand building regulations and speak their language so that your project can be approved quickly and without delay.

Construction Documentation 

We document the preferred design established in the concept design phase. Our drawings and specifications will provide your builder with the right information to create accurate cost estimates and prepare the project for construction.

Construction Administration 

We stay involved. We provide construction administration services to monitor design intent and ensure the project is delivered to the standards you expect.

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