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People-Centric Design

We are DB


We design buildings that work. They are vibrant, light-filled spaces that are colorful, textured, and responsive to a particular use, need, or a way of life.

Buildings that are a pleasure to be in.


Architecture and design are our inspiration. We know how to build and we expect the finished product to contribute to our planet and to the immediate environment around us.

Our Expertise

We collaborate

We are collaborators and find gratification from working with one another. We engage and ask questions and we believe that the power of working together creates opportunities and inspires solutions. We communicate with our clients, our consultants, and our contractors.

The Team

We design for people

We are human. We believe strongly in the importance of the human scale and how that informs the buildings we design and inhabit.

“DBA's insights, leadership, and technical expertise are helping to unlock the potential of the Ritz as an innovative, responsive and dynamic, contemporary performance-arts space. It’s inspiring to work with a team that shares our level of passion for this project!”

Lisa Silverstone

Executive Director

Safe Harbors of the Hudson

David Burke Architects
Beacon, NY 12508

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