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Backyard Modern

TYPOLOGY: HOME AND HABITAT/Accessory Dwelling Unit

CLIENT: Confidential


SIZE: 1000sf 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom ADU

COLLABORATORS: Hudson Handcrafted LLC

Proper & O’Leary Structural Engineers PC

STATUS: Completion 2023

SERVICES: Design, Permitting, Construction Management, Construction Oversight


DBA planned, permitted, and collaborated with Hudson Handcrafted LLC to construct this 1000sf, 1-bedroom backyard accessory dwelling unit. The building is positioned between the existing home, backyard pool, and rear yard property line. A zoning variance was required and approved. Sited close to existing structures and property lines, the building is also located on a steep slope reconciling multiple levels and circulation paths. The site and planning constraints along with the integration of the existing exterior patios, walkways, and entrances made this structure a difficult technical challenge to design and build but has been considered a complete success by everyone involved.

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