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Many municipalities are revising zoning and building regulations to make it easier for homeowners to construct small, detached residences in their own backyards. Homeowners can now offer alternative living situations to extended family members or take advantage of rental income. ADUs are easy to plan and construct and DBA has recently completed several successful ADU projects. We’re excited to show you our work and consult on your next ADU.

Backyard Modern
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Studio Stylized
Affordable Housing

Our work with non-profit housing groups gives us special insight into affordable housing design and management. We're dedicated to this cause and collaborate with communities to offer comfortable, sustainable homes to those in need.

Single Family

DBA prioritizes close collaboration to create dream homes, integrating sustainable features for comfort and efficiency, blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Cities are simplifying rules to build small detached homes in backyards, offering new living options for renters or family. DBA excels in building these ADUs with recent successful projects.

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