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The new workforce is on the move—splitting their time between home (or a coffee shop or public transportation) and office. DBA designs spaces that are multifunctional and versatile to cater to the new way we work. A tailored workplace helps employees to be more productive while at the same time allowing their employer to be more accommodating and cost effective. Our commercial work includes strategies to reduce energy, maximize natural light, and minimize VOCs. Our goal is to provide a healthy and active workspace that benefits everyone.

Writer's Retreat
Flex Office
Utensil Kitchenware
Affordable Housing

Our work with non-profit housing groups gives us special insight into affordable housing design and management. We're dedicated to this cause and collaborate with communities to offer comfortable, sustainable homes to those in need.

Single Family

DBA prioritizes close collaboration to create dream homes, integrating sustainable features for comfort and efficiency, blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Cities are simplifying rules to build small detached homes in backyards, offering new living options for renters or family. DBA excels in building these ADUs with recent successful projects.

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